Sunday, January 22, 2012

Miami Vacation

One item on my "25 Things to Do Before I Turn 25" list is to take a vacation by myself, whether it's a some huge international adventure or whether I relax in a hotel 50 miles from my house. I want to go on a vacation on my own for many different reasons. I personally love doing thing on my own, I've been a loner my whole life and have recently learned how to to enjoy my "me time". Another thing I have learned is that in large doses I'm a difficult person to deal with. I would honestly feel bad if someone else (besides my parents) had to sleep in the same hotel room as me, eat every meal with me and spend every waking minute with me. I also want the freedom to do exactly what I want to do. If I want to spend my afternoon walking around a park instead of going to some world known restaurant, I can do that. And the final reason this is on my list is because (in my opinion) taking a vacation is a very big deal! My family has always made an ordeal out of traveling and vacationing. I want to prove that I can go someone I've never been to, and not only make it out alive, but also pay for everything myself and most importantly, have a blast!

One of the places I'm considering is Miami. My plan is to go either this December or December 2013 during ArtBasel. Since I found out about this event in art school I've always wanted to go! It is a four day art event at the Miami Beach Convention Center, this year starting on Thursday December 6th and lasting through Sunday December 9th. Another reason I'm strongly considering Miami is because I live about three hours north and it would save me a TON of money and stress to be able to drive down there and also have the luxury of having a car available to me whenever I needed it.

Miami Vacation

Here is I imagine myself looking fabulous walking around Miami Beach.

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