Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

That's right! Christmas was barely two weeks ago and New Years was this past weekend and already I'm preparing for Valentines Day. Or as I like to call this holiday, Singles Awareness Day.

I'm pretty excited about Valentines Day, because it's the last "fun" holiday until Halloween in my opinion. Yes, I am single this year and have no plans on being taken on February 14th! And I am perfectly happy that way, because for some reason I've always had WAY more fun being single on Valentines Day.

I've made a few plans, but nothing major so far. I plan on making a red velvet cake from scratch (my first time ever baking something that didn't come from a box), decorating it and baking it in a cute little heart shaped pan.

Kinda like this one...

Another thing I'm doing for the first time this Valentines Day is sending out cards! I found the most adorable cards at Target yesterday and couldn't resist buying them.

I'm also planning on going out for a single's night on the town! A fantastic night of dancing at one of favorite clubs is just what I need for this holiday.

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