Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy (Late) New Years!

I hope everyone's New Year weekend was amazing! Mine definitely had it's amazing ups and horrible downs.

The few days leading up to my weekend I had every single day, Friday through Monday, completely planned out! And then, fairly quickly, everything fell apart. Every person I had planned to spend time with found some reason to bail on our plans and everything I expected to happen, didn't.

However, I ended up having a BLAST! Every day came with some unexpected surprise. Friday I decided to carry out the plans I'd made with a military buddy who was home from basic training, just on my own. I went to a local bookstore and had intended on buying "One Day", but decided I wasn't in the mood for comedy or romance and bought "Limitless" (formerly "The Dark Fields") instead. I'm 1/3 of the way through the book and it's addicting! This book is really great, just as exciting as the movie.

Saturday was spent with my parents in a last minute adventure to St. Pete. I absolutely LOVE that city, it's actually one place I dream about living in. We celebrated NYE by walking around downtown, eating fantastic Greek food, shopping, looking out over the ocean and sampling a large variety of anything we could get our hands on. I also go to try out my new GPS for the first time!

And finally, Sunday was spent (just like all other Sundays) glued to the TV, simultaneously mourning and enjoying the last day of the NFL's regular season. During my random moments of free time I began painting a vase for my mom, reading and created plans for how to successfully carry out my New Years Resolutions.

Happy 2012!

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