Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Break

My Christmas break officially begins tomorrow! And already the first week of my break is completely busy, ugh. And it's not filled with joyous outings either. Tomorrow I'm celebrating Christmas with my parents and aunt. Tuesday I'm running a ton of personal errands, although it gives me some greatly needed alone time. Christmas eve is spent eating out with my parents and unwrapping presents. Christmas, well that is my version of hell but I'll spare the details.

To fill the time between activities there will be the normal working out and watching insane amounts of football and ESPN, but I want to accomplish a few things this holiday! Be productive!

So here are a few things I (hope) to get done:
  • Sew another skirt
  • See "Young Adult"
  • Go out and enjoy one night by myself
  • See my college room mate
  • Paint my mom's vase
  • Apply to more jobs
  • Read
  • Paint
How will you spend your holiday this year?

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