Sunday, December 18, 2011

25 Things to Do Before I Turn 25

I've seen this type of list one multiple blogs I follow, but had never heard of it until a few days ago!

The first list I saw was by Sarah Von who's (magnificent) blog is Since then I've seen tons of variations, but it's basically a bucket list with a very definet time line.

So I decided to create my own! It's still a work in progress, I'm adding to the list and I've yet to accomplish anything but here is the beginning of it.

  1. Donate blood.
  2. Have a full time job.
  3. Move out.
  4. Know Spanish.
  5. Save up enough money for my first year of grad school.
  6. Go on 1 vacation.
  7. Have a plan for the future.
  8. Put my art in public view (gallery, published, etc...)
  9. Learn to cook.
  10. Get to an advanced sewing level.
  11. Be independent.
  12. Attend a pro football game.
  13. Be happy.
  14. Try yoga.

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